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Treat Your Guests to a Private Dinner

Elevate your night with our private catering services in Chicago, IL

Planning a special date night? You and your partner deserve a night to remember. Turn to Delectable Catering To You for private catering services. Make your evening romantic and luxurious in Chicago, IL.

Candles surround you and your loved one as you savor a decadent meal prepared by your private chef. Sound like something out of a dream? We can turn this vision into reality with our private catering. From the personalized menu to the intimate setting, you're sure to have an unforgettable dining experience.

Contact us at 312-402-5211 to start planning the perfect date.

More information on our catering

Ready for an unforgettable dining experience? Clients love our private catering services because they include:

  • A gourmet meal crafted by your private chef
  • A romantic and private candle-lit setting
  • An attentive staff that tends to your needs throughout the meal

We also offer additional services like wine pairing suggestions, customized cocktails and special dessert options to further enhance your experience.

Get in touch with us to learn how we can make your evening remarkable.

Food for any event

It's not a party if there's no food involved. But don't settle for frozen finger foods. Turn to Delectable Catering To You for a personalized, gourmet meal.

No matter what type of private event you're throwing, we can make the meal unique and memorable. Our private chef can create personalized meals for...

Romantic dates
Birthday parties
Family reunions
Holiday parties
Corporate events
Engagement parties

Don't spend all night worrying about the food - enjoy your party like any other guest. Contact us in Chicago, IL today for private catering services. We can send you an estimate based on your personalized menu.